What makes you different? - top
Our vision and mission statement since the beginning has been to empower our customers with powerful self-service tools traditionally reserved for large companies.  And, to offer those services at a price a small business can afford.  We measure our success in the success of our customers.   This focus has resulted in successful customers who have remained with us for many years, some since day one.

Costs. What does all this cost? - top
How does $1-$2.50 per day sound?  Less than a gallon of gas or that morning coffee shop cup of java.   Our pricing is all inclusive, no up-sells or nickle & dime add-ons.

Do you walk the walk? - top
You bet!  We use our own product to run our business.  We have added one or two small custom modules (like we've done for other customers) to deal with some unique needs like domain registrations but for the other 95% we use what we sell.

How long does it take? - top
From starting gun to launch, it normally takes 1-2 days.  If you need us to move an existing site and its content, maybe a day or two more but normally even a site migration is done within 2 days maximum.

What about graphic design? - top
We are not graphic designers.  However, we can take any existing site and integrate our suite tools.  In over 10 years, we have yet to come across a site design we could not super charge with our tools.  If you don't have an existing site, we have a large source of designs that can be implemented for pennies compared to custom graphic designs and can also be tweaked to individualize the design to your business.

What is included? - top
We provide a complete solution including hosting, e-mail, domain services and the complete suite of tools.  For the complete listing and description of the capabilities, please take a minute to review all the Features and Benefits pages.

What industries to you specialize in? - top
In short - none.   We built the suite of tools to deal with the core elements and challenges faced by every small business.  Marketing, Sales, Communications, etc.  There are some industries that have very very specific needs and we don't try to force ourselves into those environments.  However, take a moment to review our sample list of Business Site Clients to see the broad range of companies we help.  We span a wide variety of industries.