Our philosophy

You Come First

You and your business is our primary focus. 

We believe that if we empower our customers and help them succeed, they will be long time clients. Your success is the yardstick we use to measure our success. Your needs and suggestions provides our road map for the development and features of the product.

One way we apply the customer first philosophy is that we never include any reference to Dash One anywhere on your site. No "powered by" or "designed by" tag lines. Your brand is one of your most important assets and we fully respect that.



A key method in how we approach our product design and the tools for our customers is the A.I.D.A system.

A.I.D.A stands for:

  1. ATTENTION: Give our customers the tools and attractively designed sites to grab the visitor's attention. This also includes robust search engine coding to help position your site high in the search engine sites.
  2. INTEREST: Provide interactive and easy to navigate site features like calendars, photo albums, online store providing deep sites that intrigue the visitor and peaks their interest.
  3. DESIRE: Empower you to represent your products and services in the best possible way. Giving your message the power to develop that visitor interest into a desire for your products and services.
  4. ACTION: Closing and conversion tools to convert that site visitor or prospect into a paying customer. Easy e-commerce navigation and checkout. Simple to complete online forms. QR codes for mobile users to easily respond.