Even though the product is called a "Business site", the capabilities are robust, flexible and designed to support many types of organizations and industries. Below is a small sample of our clients using the the "Business site" product. The wide range and diversity of these organizations illustrate the product features.

Blue Force LLC

BlueForce LLC is a professional international services and consulting company. BlueForce LLC provides government, industry, and research and development clients with the highest quality expert assistance enabling the success of innovative and complex initiatives.

Features implemented: Content management, external data integration, e-newsletters, mobile website.



Art Newsome Inc.

Art Newsome, Inc. From our inception, ANI has been committed to providing the Hampton Roads community with the most comfortable and healthy indoor air, whether it is in a commercial or residential setting.

Features implemented: Content management, e-newsletters, online forms, e-commerce, appointment scheduling.



Griffin Mobility

For more than 20 years, Griffin Mobility has been removing barriers and transforming the lives of individuals with limited mobility. Let us show you all the ways we can "Make Life Accessible" for you!

Features implemented: Content management, e-newsletters, e-commerce, photo galleries, online financing and employment applications, mobile website.


Ameribattery - Battery Outlet

Large retailer of battery products covering just about anything that has a battery. Supplies customers in the private and government sectors.

Features implemented: Content management, external e-commerce catalog integration, integrated UPS shipping calculator.



Selecta 1050

The premier Spanish language radio station for the Hampton Roads/Norfolk Virginia area.

Features implemented: Content management, Google multi-language translation, advertising and mult-media streaming, mobile website.


Blue Fish Finder

Premier site for the unique line Bluefish line of women's clothing. A Dash One customer for over 11 years.

Features implemented: Content management, e-commerce with over 6,000 products online, PayPal and merchant account checkout, inventory management, e-newsletters, mobile website.



Yorktown Crier Newspaper

Primary local newspaper for Yorktown Virginia offering local news, sports and weather content.

Features implemented: Content management, pdf archives, online subscription and delivery forms/payments.



Langley Air Force Association Chapter

Langley AFB chapter of the Air Force Association providing member services, activities and events for chapter members.

Features implemented: Content management, member management, e-newsletters, events calendar, e-commerce for chapter luncheons and annual conferences/golf tournaments.



Sporting Momements Photography

Quality photographs of local high school sporting events for team and individuals.

Features implemented: Content management, e-commerce of digital delivery products, photo galleries.


Peacock Business Solutions

Peacock Business Solutions supplies Hampton Roads and businesses across the US with high quality printing and promotional items. We are in the business of helping customers build their business.

Features implemented: Content management, external data integration, e-newsletters, mobile website.



North Carolina Pecan Festival

Annual festival operated by a local non-profit organization focused on improving their community.

Features implemented: Content management, online event sign-up/management, flyer publishing, e-newsletters.