Creating and editing pages is as simple as typing an e-mail or a word processing document. No need to know html coding (however, the html is accessible for power users). No need to use programs like FTP or trying to manage server files and directories. The integrated Content and Image Catalogs make linking and adding images are simple point and click steps.  You can even add custom YouTube videos!


Content Catalog

One click linking to any of your pages plus all site feature pages. Optional choice to open the link in a new window and the adding of eternal links to other sites or your e-mail address.

Image Catalog

All images (as well as a catalog of stock images) are available for use, to include your photo gallery images, store products and QR codes.

Each page includes additional details like a title, summary, status and display settings enabling fully customizable display options. Site CSS style sheet integration for consistency across all site pages. Search engine keyword and descriptions for enhanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Additionally, each page can be used as an e-newsletter or with one click, create a PDF flyer for offline and online use.

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