One of the key tenets of marketing is consistency in branding and message. You actually do more harm than good with inconsistent marketing materials. Using the integrated On-line and Off-line marketing tools lets your web pages, e-newsletters and printed flyers/ads have the same content and consistent appearance.


E-newsletter marketing is the most powerful and economical way to promote your business, gain new customers and maintain a relationship with existing ones.

Different from regular e-mail, good e-newsletters are branded to your website, include interesting content with pictures. Our e-newsletter suite includes the above requirements and has real time reporting statistics. The reports show who has opened your e-newsletter, how many times they have viewed along with the first and last times viewed. This information provides you valuable ROI data and also gives you the insight on who and where to devote your sales efforts.

Create multiple e-newsletter subscriber lists based on the target demographic and the type of message you want promote. Individual recipients can be included in multiple lists. Recipients can be added individually, in bulk using an Excel spreadsheet or automatically from several of the existing site pages (Contact Us, E-Forms, E-commerce store).


E-newsletter campaigns is online marketing on "auto pilot". This allows you to set up an automated "drip marketing" campaign sending specific marketing content to specific lists at specific times. Create your message(s), select the list you want to use and set the dates/times to send - the system does the rest.

Flyers & QR Codes

The integrated tools concept allows you to create your marketing web page then with one click produce a professional looking PDF flyer for offline printing and distribution. The integration of the included Quick Response (QR) codes make the connection between your offline flyer and your website.

The QR code tool allows you to make QR codes for links to web pages, contact/address book details, SMS Text Messaging, Call/dial your phone number. QR codes to web pages include scan tracking and reporting allowing you to measure your ROI from different advertising outlets - see exactly where your ads are getting the most activity.

Each PDF flyer automatically includes your business name, address, copyright and URL footer information reinforcing your brand and providing contact details.

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