Successful business owners know that many times it is the little things that can make the difference. We take care of many of those things so you can focus on the more important parts of your business.

Every client gets the benefit of our included value added service:

  • Domain registration monitoring. We ensure your domain doesn't expire and prevent hijacking of your domain.
  • E-mail spam/blacklist monitoring. We monitor e-mail black-lists and white-lists to ensure e-mails & e-newsletters sent from your domain get delivered and keeps your domain in good standing.
  • Error trapping and monitoring. If something somehow isn't working as designed, our technical staff are notified immediately to evaluate and resolve the issue.
  • Fast and easy domain name transfer and registrations.
  • Toll free technical support.

Additional Technical Capabilities

We recognize that even though we provide a robust suite of business tools there are always unique customer requirements.  That is why we designed the application to be extended with custom modules.  Some of these modules are already included in the features but aren't exposed since the majority of customers don't need them.  In those cases, we show you how to take advantage of those under the cover capabilities.   In other cases we have build custom modules for customers needs. 

Our Virtual Chief Technical Officer (VTCO) program has developed and delivered very robust and custom solutions for clients who need their own application hosted on their own servers.  The VCTO program is designed to provide the right solution and level of support need by the customer.  From simple consulting and development to full system and database administration services.  In summary, if you have a business focused technical need, we can deliver the solution.

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