Each site also includes a myriad of additional features designed to solve many business needs. Many times, new or prospective clients think they don't need some of these additional features but then realize that these capabilities provide them unique differentiators from their competition and reap previously unrealized benefits.


The calendar give you a way to promote your business events. Each event includes a full details page that can include images and links. Calendar events can also include RSVPs allowing visitors to sign up for your events. Calendars are also a great way for you to promote your business within your community or industry as a leader in the know with useful information. An added benefit of our calendars is that the search engines love to crawl and index them. This adds more entries in the major search engines and better search result hits for your business.

Photo Galleries

A picture is worth 1,000 words. A photo gallery collection then is worth a million words. Show off your products, staff, facilities, customers, events or anything else that promotes your business. Each photo can include a full details page offering more information. Like the calendar, the search engines love our photo galleries.

Site Usage Reports:

Knowing how much traffic your site is receiving is valuable information. Even more valuable is knowing when your site is visited, by whom, from where, what are the most viewed pages gives you the information to help you understand what is important to your visitors and what they are looking for. This allows you to better organize your site and its content to better serve your customers & prospects. The site reporting tools provide a wealth of information for your use.

Local and Google Sitemaps

Fully automated local "sitemap" page which has evolved into a must have for professional sites.  Sitemaps give visitors a shortcut to pages that they may not be able to locate via normal site navigation (regardless of the simplicity of the navigation design.   Additionally, each site has an automated Google Sitemap generator that delivers the XML content Google demands for increased search engine indexing.

E-mail Addresses

Even today, it is surprising how many business owners (who have an Internet domain) continue to use e-mail addresses from their ISP (aol.com, gmail.com, etc.). Every e-mail you send should be from your domain to reenforce your brand. We provide unlimited e-mail addresses and aliases for your domain. We also help you with the most effective use of e-mail aliases and "group" addresses to get the most out your e-mail usage.

Intranet & Extranets

Intranets are web pages and tools that you and your staff utilize for internal company operations. The Intranet lets you grant access password protected access to your administrative tools to staff so that they can manage areas of your site related to their duties. They are restricted to only the areas you grant them access to. Extranets are secure password protected areas of your site where you allow your customers access to unique content and files related only to them. You can grant permission for your clients to upload files into secure folders replacing the need to e-mail large attached files via un-secure e-mail.


While this may sound trivial, a clean looking, internet standard design of a site FAQ page is important is representing your business as a professional operation. The FAQ tool lets you create and manage your individual FAQ entries leaving the display and internal linking to us.


Offering online appointments is one of the most under utilized concepts for businesses. Set yourself apart from your competition by making it easy for your customers/prospects to set an appointment with you or your staff. Your customers will appreciate the flexibility and you have a tool to more efficiently manage your or your staff's schedules.

Sub-Domain/Custom URLs

Custom sub-domain URLs are an easy way to bring prospects straight to the page you want them to view. Using sub-domains you can offer off-line marketing URLs to www.yourdomain/SPECIALS which is linked directly to your specials promotional page, online lead capture form or a specific product or department within your store.

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