Does this picture illustrate how your current web site works? A lot of individual bits of information and features that on their own might be useful but don't fit into the "big picture". An integrated solution pulls all those pieces together saving you time, money, frustration and increases your productivity and profits.

All the pieces working together

Our approach is to make all those parts work in harmony.

When you take the time and effort to make a compelling page on your site - don't stop there, use that page as an e-newsletter or off-line PDF flyer. This saves time and maintains critical consistency of your message.

Someone fills out your Contact Us or online E-Form, don't let that prospect's details fall through the cracks as a missed opportunity - that information is now automatically part of your e-newsletter mail list system for subsequent following marketing and sales efforts.

You've just created a great looking photo gallery of images showing off your products, facilities, staff or customers - don't waste that effort, reuse those uploaded pictures as part of other pages, e-newsletters, flyers or e-commerce store items.

Have staff that are responsible for different areas of your business? Automatically route online requests directly to their mailboxes via custom assigned Contact Us & E-Forms. This gets the information to the right person eliminating additional forwarding and delegation steps. You can include multiple notification addresses (like your own) so that you can monitor that prompt responses are sent to for each request.

Selling products that require third party delivery or action by specific staff members? When an item is sold, an immediate notice is sent informing the appropriate party to take the required action to fulfill the order.

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