The primary purpose you are in business is to sell your product or service. The key is to have a "e"-commerce system that makes those sales faster, easier and more efficient. Notice our use of "e"-commerce with the quoting of the letter E. The reason is that commerce is commerce and not goes beyond the traditional perception of only online sales like the's of the world.

A sale is a sale and there are many ways to use an online commerce system to make those sales. Our "e"-commerce suite of tools is designed to cover the entire spectrum of generating sales and the ancillary pre & post sales actions.

On-line sales

Our online store supports the full range of products that your business may offer.
  • Traditional "physical" hard goods that are purchased then shipped.
  • Digital Download products like software, electronic files, music, photos, whitepapers, etc.
  • Subscription/Recurring payments for memberships, services, consulting, etc.
  • Invoice/Flexible Payments for individual customers with individual billing/invoice amounts.
  • External products offer through third party affiliate sales program.s
  • Layaway programs
  • Online product presentation via the store but restricting online sales. Use the store for traditional "shopping" experience but prevent sales due to unique transaction/product requirements.

Payment Methods

  • PayPal is completely integrated and part of every store. This includes custom branded PayPal checkout pages and processing of PalPal transactions into the product management, third party fulfillment and sales reporting tools.
  • Optional on-line merchant accounts via First Data International (the largest provider of credit card merchant accounts).
  • Offer both payment options to your customers. If you have the merchant account option, you can also offer PayPal for customers who would prefer that payment method.

Product Management

  • Each product includes details for SKU, pricing, title, summary, full page "more info" details page, shipping and tax rules.
  • Shipping and Tax rule defaults are set at the store level but can be individually set for each product giving the flexibility of offering specials like free shipping and tax free offerings.
  • Custom product attributes catalog. Create your catalog of product attributes (ie: size, color, shape, custom engraving, wrapping, etc.) then select from the catalog for each product and its specific criteria.
  • Inventory management. Set store wide defaults (can be set at the individual product) to control your inventory. Options include: no action, don't display if sold out, display but mark as sold out, etc.). This protects you from over selling if dealing with limited product inventories and can be used to create an "urgency" to purchase.
  • Third party fulfillment notifications. Whether it is another company or just a employee assigned to fulfill orders, immediately notify them of sales.


  • USPS and UPS shipping integration for accurate calculation of actual shipping costs based on type of shipping service needed by the customer.
  • Offer the option of Free Local Pickup or Delivery for customers in your local area.

Promotional Discounts

Create custom promotion codes for product specials to entice new customers, reward existing customers or drive more sales. Promotion codes have expiration dates so you don't have to worry about issues of discounts past their scheduled promotion period.

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